LetterBeauty, Love and Truth (BeautyLoveTruth or BLT) have occupied the finest minds throughout history and are arguably the core values at the heart of every religion as well as humanist philosophy. At the same time they transcend any one culture, spiritual tradition or historical period.

You don’t need to be a philosopher to appreciate these values, as they are highly democratic and open to all of us, all the time. When we reflect on the blossoming of a flower or a baby’s first steps, a lover’s gaze or the global response to hurricane victims, a song that expresses our heart or the luminous Milky Way, we experience for ourselves the ever-present dimensions of beauty, love and truth. We could say that every relationship we have ever had is a laboratory for BLT.

BeautyLoveTruth expresses a Kosmic design principle that is reflected as much in our own beings and relationships as in the workings of the natural world. Through the circle and spiral, triangle and tetrahedron, flower of life and torus, the laws of energy, form, and time express at every level of Life. In atom and ovum, cell and body, star and spirit, the mysteries of life unfold through vibration, resonance, polarity, self-similarity, and other natural principles. The proportions of our very bodies reflect the value of phi, 1.618, the Golden Ratio observed throughout nature.

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The Open Mystery School

BLTSand218pxLike its namesake sandwich, BLT provides the perfect ingredients for remembering that the Universe and everything in it is conspiring to wake us up. However, our conditioned minds do not always see or understand how to make sense of events, especially inner events such as feelings, images, dreams, and symptoms of various kinds. Here’s where the School comes in: it’s all about pointers and exercises for remembering by taming the mind and opening the Heart. More.

Golden Path Healing

rosey pathWhat would it be like to stop going “somewhere else” and realize that well-being originates within you? Golden Path Healing helps you reconnect to your inner nature, which is in essence a vibratory field of energy. That energy wants to be free to express its beauty, love and truth — its core infinite and eternal qualities and creative impulses. By learning to recognize, charge, circulate, direct and clear your own energy, you create a pathway for the expression of your soul. More.

Intuitive Sounding

IntuitiveSounding218pxHigh above the Peruvian Indian market town of Pisac, we walk about a mile along a hillside path with a steep vertical drop to the sacred Pisac ruins. Our first few spontaneous musical evocations feel like they describe a process of gradual awakening to the light. As we near the end of our “performance” some thirty minutes later, the sun comes streaming through the clouds, in affirmation of our intuitive knowing. It is a very magical moment. More.


AngelMuse218pxTake advantage of intensive learning opportunities to free your creativity, deepen your relationships, and expand access to inner resources of tranquility, resilience, and joy. Learn to use the power of sound, movement, meditation, inquiry, and inner journeying to dissolve stress, improve communication, and develop inner calm, compassion and intuition. For community groups, businesses, non-profit organizations and schools. More.