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Beauty, Love and Truth (BeautyLoveTruth or BLT) have occupied the finest minds throughout history and are arguably the core values at the heart of every religion. At the same time they transcend any one culture, spiritual tradition or historical period.

One need not be a philosopher to appreciate these values as they are highly democratic and open to all of us, all the time. When we reflect on the blossoming of a flower or a baby’s first steps, a lover’s gaze or the global response to hurricane victims, a song that expresses our heart or the luminous Milky Way, we experience for ourselves the ever-present dimensions of beauty, love and truth. We could say that every relationship we have ever had is a laboratory for BLT.

BeautyLoveTruth expresses a Kosmic* design principle that is reflected as much in our own beings and relationships as in the workings of the natural world. Through the circle and spiral, triangle and tetrahedron, flower of life and torus, the laws of energy, form, and time express at every level of Life. In atom and ovum, cell and body, star and spirit, the mysteries of life unfold through vibration, resonance, polarity, self-similarity, and other natural principles. The proportions of our very bodies reflect the value of phi, 1.618, the Golden Ratio observed throughout nature.

As humanity expands its consciousness, we are awakening to discover that we share a continuity with these eternal laws. Far from being abstractions, BeautyLoveTruth are in some sense the DNA out of which our lives, and Life Itself, emerge. BLT move in us, and we in them. Opening to these values more and more, our lives are lifted out of mediocrity, cynicism and fear and carried buoyantly along in a field of grace. It’s not that we no longer have any challenges, but that our perspective is so different that we no longer get lost in emotional reactions and fear.

Against the backdrop of this awakening, it is becoming increasingly clear that many of our social structures no longer serve the greater good. The long-held social memes of scarcity, win-lose, violence, and death no longer match our understanding of How Life Works. At this crossroads of destiny, humanity finds itself gestating inside an always-and-everywhere-connected global Heart-Mind, sharing videos and tweets and posts in response to violence, tyranny, catastrophe and corruption. Just as importantly, we’re sharing our visions, creativity and healing. Our collective wisdom and spontaneous illuminations echo around the world at light speed, provoking revolutions and evolutions. As each of us remembers who we are, we reach out to others to create a new kind of world, one based on a harmonious relationship with nature and each other.

Wise elders like the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers demonstrate what is possible with the full flowering of Beauty, Love and Truth. Such individuals have mastered the ups and downs of life and now radiate an inner light of peace, compassion, wisdom, and humor. And we can do the same whenever we make the effort to look up and remember who we are. Beauty, Love and Truth call out to the best in us every moment, encouraging us to live from the highest and most engaged values we can imagine, evoking in us the perspectives of Big Mind and Big Heart that allow us live up to our true potential. Consciously engaging with these universal forces will change us utterly — and uplift the world as a consequence.

Wherever we are on the path of awakening, we can enter into a dynamic inquiry with any element of Beauty, Love and Truth. When we do, we will find ourselves discovering depths of meaning, magic, music, and mystery that rewire our bodies, hearts and minds from the inside out. As we let go of Reactive Mind, we shed our addiction to guilt, fear, and suffering and open to more of what lies within the human heart and soul — and to the power and confidence to co-create a world that reflects our deeper values.

Walking in Beauty, Love and Truth, we draw to ourselves the conditions that reflect these same qualities; we find that our path and our destination are indeed meeting in this particular moment of creation. And at this sublime meeting place suspended between past and future, between matter and spirit, we look around in wonder and appreciation for all we are given and all we can become. Letting go of the addiction to material things, emotional safety, and mental certainty, we may be surprised to find the peace, joy, love, and connection we’ve always wanted bubbling up from within.

Enough of us are waking up from the collective dream to ask Who are we? Why are we here? What shall we create together? We are awakening to the perennial truths and are recognizing that creating a world where everyone not only gets to live but also thrive is our true destiny as humankind. All of us, awake in heart and mind, working together. And like the ocean, north star, and trusted ship, Love, Truth and Beauty can carry us safely home.

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* Use of Kosm and Kosmic is so that the interior universe in included in our conception of “everything,” therefore this is distinguished from cosm and cosmic, which point only to the physical universe.

To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him. –Gautama Buddha